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Casino Holdem Pro


Casino Hold’em is the Texas Hold’em Poker played against a computerized dealer. The player starts the game by placing bets on Ante or optionally and in addition on AA Bonus Bet; the dealer deals out 2 cards, with face up, to the player and 2 cards, with face down, to himself. Furthermore 3 cards, with face up, are placed in common on the table. This is the so-called Flop which will eventually contains a total of 5 cards.

The player has the choice to wager on AA Bonus Bet whose winnings will be paid, after the first three Flop cards are dealt, when his hand contains a pair of aces (AA) or higher. Any AA Bonus Bet winnings will be paid only after finishing the first round. At this stage the player can Call, which doubles the Ante amount, or can Fold the game. In this last case all bets and any possible Bet Bonus winnings are lost. By continuing the game any possible AA Bonus Bet winnings will be paid; if the player has no AA Bonus Bet winning hand, all AA Bonus Bet bets are lost. Then the dealer deals 2 additional cards in common, called Turn and River, and shows his hand. To distribute winnings the two hands are being compared. The dealer doesn’t qualify. The player keeps his Ante and Call bets and wins with his Ante according to the Ante Winnings Paytable.

The dealer qualifies with a pair of 4s or higher.
• If the dealer and the player have the same hand this will be Push and the player gets back his Ante and Call bets.
• If the dealer has a better hand, the player loses all his bets.
• If the player has a better hand, he keeps his Ante and Call bets and wins the Ante according to the Ante Winnings Paytable and the Call which pays 1:1.